Semiconductor Pressure Sensor

    XFPM Series (Guage)

    XFGM Sensor (Guage)
    • On-chip amplification and temperature compensations
      Pre-calibration of offset voltage and span
      Surface mount package
    • Weight : 0.35grams
      RoHS Compliance
    Ordering Information
    XFGM Sensor Ordering Information

    Measurable pressure range(kPa) Part number
    -100~100 XFPM-100KPGW XFPM-100KPGWR
    0~-100 XFPM-100KPGV XFPM-100KPGVR
    0~25 XFPM-025KPG XFPM-025KPGR
    0~50 XFPM-050KPG XFPM-050KPGR
    0~100 XFPM-100KPG XFPM-100KPGR
    0~200 XFPM-200KPG XFPM-200KPGR
    0~1000 XFPM-001MPG XFPM-001MPGR
      Model 100KPGW 100KPGV 025KPG 050KPG 100KPG 200KPG 001MPG Unit
      Recommended operating conditions
      Pressure type Gauge pressure -
      Rated pressure ±100 -100 25 50 100 200 1000 kPa
      Measurable pressure range -100~100 0~-100 0~25 0~50 0~100 0~200 0~1000 kPa
      Temperature range 0~85 °C
      Pressure media Non-corrosive gases only(No liquid) -
      Supply voltage(constant) 5±0.25 VDC
      Absolute maximum rating
      Maximum load pressure Twice of rated pressure 1.5 times
      of rating
      Maximum excitation voltage 8 VDC
      Operating temperature -40~125 °C
      Storage temperature -40~125 °C
      Operating humidity 30~80(Non dew condition) %RH
      Electrical characteristics(Excitation voltage Vcc=5.0V constant ,ambient temperature Ta=25°C)
      Power consumption 10mA max. mA
      Output impedance 10Ω max. Ω
      Source current 0.2mA max. mA
      Sink current 2mA max. mA
      Response time 2(for the reference) msec
      Output span voltage 4.5 V
      Offset voltage *1 *2 *3 0.2±0.1125(at 0kPa) V
      Output voltage at full scale *1 *4 *5 4.7±0.1125(at rated pressure) V
      Accuracy *1 ±2.5 %FS/
      *1 Excluding input voltage error.
      *2 0.2±0.1125V(at -100kPa) *3 0.2±0.1125V(at 0kPa)
      *4 4.7±0.1125V(at +100kPa) *5 4.7±0.1125V(at -100kPa)

    Data sheet[PDF444KB]