Semiconductor Pressure Sensor

    FPM Series (Absolute)

    FPM (Absolute) Sensor
    • Barometric pressure measurable
    • Dual-in-line package(DIP)
    • Weight : 1.5grams
      RoHS Compliance
    Ordering Information
    FPM (Absolute) Ordering Information

    Measurable pressure range(kPa·abs) Part number
    34.66~168.0 FPM-15PA FPM-15PAR
    Model FPM-15PA / FPM-15PAR Unit
    Recommended operating conditions
    Pressure type Absolute pressure -
    Rated pressure 168.0 kPa·abs
    Measurable pressure range 34.66~168.0 kPa·abs
    Temperature range 0~50 °C
    Pressure media Non-corrosive gases only(No liquid) -
    Excitation current(Constant) 1.5 mADC
    Absolute maximum rating
    Maximum load pressure Twice of rated pressure -
    Maximum excitation current 3.0 mADC
    Operating temperature -20~100 °C
    Storage temperature -40~120 °C
    Operating humidity 30~80(Non dew condition) %RH
    Electric characteristics (Drive Current 1.5mA constant ,ambient temperature Ta=25°C)
    Output span voltage 80~160(at 34.66~168.0kPa·abs) mV
    Offset voltage 50~130(at 101.3kPa·abs) mV
    Bridge resistance 4000~6000 Ω
    Response time 2(for the reference) msec
    Accuracy TSO* ±3 %FS/0~50°C
    TCS* 2.5 %FS/0~50°C
    Linearity ±0.3 %FS
    Pressure hysteresis ±0.2 %FS
    *TSO:Temperature sensitivity of offset voltage
    *TCS:Temperature coefficient of output span voltage
    *Temperature range from 0-50 deg C

    Data sheet[PDF260KB]