Electrical Components

Electronic Components

Waterproof Membrane Switch

  • Water resistance ranging from drops of water to full submersion
  • A PC keyboard with the waterproof membrane switch can still work normally even after accidental exposure to water.
  • A portable information device with the waterproof membrane switch is free from trouble due to exposure to water even if used outdoors.

Waterproof Membrane Switch
  • Switches such as keyboards for laptop PCs that require waterproof property

Waterproof Membrane Switch - Structure


Thickness of component materials

Material Thickness
Upper electrode sheet 75μm
Lower electrode sheet 75μm
Spacer sheet 50 to 75μm
Waterproof seal 15 to 30μm
Contact pads and circuits 10μm
Total thickness ≧235μm

Upper and lower electrode sheet PET film
Lower electrode sheet PET film
Spacer sheet PET film
Waterproof seal Polyester resin or acrylic resin
Contact points and circuits C or Ag

Operating temperature -5 to 65°C
Operating humidity 20 to 80%RH
Storage temperature -20 to 80°C
Operating load
(standard product)
0.1 to 0.05N
Insulation resistance
(between wires)
Withstand voltage 250VAC, 1minute