• Ultra Small Dispersion Slope in a Wide Range of Wavelengths (S-, C- and L-bands)
  • Small Chromatic Dispersion in a Wide Range of Wavelengths (S-, C- and L-band
  • Same Relative Dispersion Slope (RDS) as SM fiber
Parameters Unit FutureGuide®-USS
Mode Field Diameter at 1550nm µm 7.7±0.4
Effective Area (Aeff) mm2 45 (Typical)
Attenuation at 1460nm dB/km ≤0.28
Attenuation at 1550nm dB/km ≤0.22
Attenuation at 1625nm dB/km ≤0.24
Cable Cut-off Wavelength nm ≤1450
Chromatic Dispersion (1460-1625nm) ps/(nm·km) 2.0-8.0
Chromatic Dispersion (1530-1565nm) ps/(nm·km) 4.0-7.0
Relative Dispersion Slope (1550nm) nm-2 0.0033 (Typical)
Polarization Mode Dispersion (Free Tension Condition) ps/√km ≤0.1
Proof Level GPa ≥0.7

* All the data above are the characteristics of the optical fiber. Please contact us for the specification of optical cords and cables.