Specialty Fiber Fusion Splicer FSM-100 series

Fujikura's new specialty splicers FSM-100M and FSM-100P offer a host of innovative technology to
address the rapidly expanding splicing needs for factory,manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications. These models are introduced as "ARCMasterTM" splicers due to their unique capabilities to control the plasma zone of the fusion arc. These capabilities will revolutionize the way users will splice various types of specialty fibers; LDF, low contrast PM, holey structured, etc.


    -Patented "Split V-groove" clamping system
    -"Plasma Zone" fiber positioning
    -Short cleave length capability
    -Special arc calibration
    -Advanced splice loss estimation
    -Advanced PM alignment method (FSM-100P Only)
    -EndView function (FSM-100M+, FSM-100P+ Only)
    -Enhanced sweep arc
    -Internet firmware update & interface
    -Production environment friendly design
    -Zero degree fiber holder position
    -Fiber profile learning function


    FSM-100M FSM-100P FSM-100M+ FSM-100P+ LZM-100
    Splicing heat source Fusion splicing CO2 laser
    Apllicable cladding diameter up to 500μm up to 1200μm up to 2300μm
    PMF splicing function No Yes No Yes Optional
    EndView observation function No Yes Optional
    GPIB Communication function Yes Optional
    Max sweep length ±5mm ±18mm




    Fujikura's new "ARCMasterTM" splicers are engineered with a robust set of features that offer customers technology and reliability not available elsewhere. The need for Accurate, Reliable, and Consistent splicing is expanding to new applications beyond telecommunications. These entirely new "ARCMasterTM" fusion splicers from Fujikura have been developed to provide the ultimate in performance and flexibility for a variety of customers and markets.

    Additional information can be found at www.StateoftheARC.com website which is the central repository of information for all of Fujikura's state of the art fusion splicer products. Stay tuned to www.StateoftheARC.com for forthcoming additions to the "ARCMasterTM" family of specialty fusion splicers where incremental capabilities will be revealed.