Optical Fiber Identifier FID-25R/26R

The FID-25R/26R is fiber identifier that detecs dark fiber lit with 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz modulated tones.

The FID-25R/26R is also equipped with power meter. Long head style with its fiber clamping design are for easier fiber installation activity.


Description Detail
Fiber identification
Applicable fiber 0.25mm coating dia. single fiber, 2 to 12 fiber count ribbon fiber
Up to 3mm cord with standard plunger.
Wave length response 0.9 to 1.7µm
Operating condition -10 to 50degC, 0 to 95%RH
Power supply DC with two AA batteries 1.2 to 1.5V)
100 to 240V AC with optional FID-AA
Dimensions 40W × 185L × 26H (mm) excluding connector (FID-25R)
Weight 165g including batteries
Powermeter function
Wave length response 1.31µm, 1.55µm and 1.49µm
Detectable signal Trafific signal, CW light, Light signal with modulated tones at 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz.
Detectable light power +10 to -60dB at modulated tone
+10 to -40dB at traffic and CW light
Accuracy Within +/- 0.3dB at 25degC


Description Model No. Q'ty Note
Optical fiber identifier FID-25R 1pc. -
FID-26R -
Plunger PL-05 1pc. For up to 2mm dia. cord, and 2 to 12 fiber ribbon.
Light shield rubber LSR-02 1pc. For shielding detector agains direct sun-light for correct measurement.
Connector head
OCH-01-SC 1pc. Universal type
Instruction manual - 1pc. English
Softcase FID-CASE-01 1pc. -


Description Model No. Note
AC adapter FID-AA2 -
AC cord ACC-08/09/10/11/12 -
Connector head OCH-01-SC For SC connector For FID-25R
OCH-01-FC For FC connector
OCH-01-ST For ST connector