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      Opitcal Connector/Connect Parts

      FAST Connector

        Fujikura FAST connector is a series of field-installable connectors, which require no polishing. Unlike conventional field-installable connectors, FAST connector series do not employ assembling tool but incorporate its own pre-assembled wedge launcher. The pre-assembled wedge launcher is a disposal part after installing fiber.

        Fujikura FAST connector uses a mechanism of "Push-pull-wedge", which has introduced by Fujukura's Mechanical Splices. As the "Push-pull-wedge" mechanism achieves clamping both bare fiber part and coating part, this clamping mechanism enhances strength against fiber twist.


        FuseConnect™ with factory pre-polished ferrule, utilizes fusion splicer to terminate the connector in the field. Similar to Fujikura Field. Installable connector series, field-termination process eliminates polishing, adhesives, and crimping in the field.

        Fusion splice addresses return loss concerns present in analog optical networks. This advanced process yields true APC performance of >65dB return loss in an SC/APC configuration.

        The unique and innovative design of Fuse Connect eliminates the complicated crimping operation. The simplified field installation minimizes the potential for operator error.

      Mechanical Splice

        Mechanical splice connection make use of mechanical splice unit where 2 fibers are first inserted into the unit. The fibers are next aligned and then held in position by clamping parts. It is fast and easy splicing of 250 or 900um SM/MM fibers. Power source not required, all necessary tools are provided in the standard tool kit. It is much faster compared to fusion splicing method.

      One-Click Cleaner

        Fujikura One-Click Cleaner removes dust and oil adhering to the ferrule endface of fiber optic connector with one push mechanical action. It cleans the ferrule endface inside an adapter or connectors on jumpers by making full use of guide cap, refrains from transmission error or endface damage by dirty endface. It is comfortable and user friendly design with one click cleaning and complies with EU/95/2002/EC directive (RoHS).

      Download Brochure: Optical Components [pdf]
  • Optical Test And Inspection Products

      Accurate results and excellent customer service define AFL's test and inspection family

      Fujikura Asia Limited offers AFL's line of test and inspection (T&I) products that consistently meet and exceed customer needs. We deliver exceptional fiber optic test equipment and outstanding services. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification and quality practices ensure you receive excellent products and documentation.

      AFL T&I products are designed to provide accurate results every time. They are engineered to endure outside plant environments, and feature intuitive user interfaces that provide quick results without complicated training requirements. Product lines include optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs), loss test kits, inspection scopes, fiber identifiers, fault locators and more.

    • OTDRs

      AFL's OTDRs range from simple fault locators to all-in-one multifunction testers. Exclusive Touch and Test™ brings advanced functionality in an easy-to-use interface. TRM™ certification and reporting software provides a PC analysis tool for viewing, managing, archiving and printing OTDR traces along with comprehensive reports compliant to TIA/ISO guidelines. Industry-leading TruEvent™ Technology provides a new level of accuracy and reliability in event analysis, for best performance in enterprise and datacenter applications.

    • xWDM Test

      AFL understands that the same WDM technologies that make high capacity Cell Backhaul, Metro Ethernet and Broadband Triple-play services possible also present complex testing challenges. We have seen how technicians and engineers have struggled to apply legacy measurement products to test or troubleshoot today’s cutting edge Metro and Access networks. In response, we have developed innovative new products, like the WDM900 Lightwave Test Set, that incorporate exclusive features designed to simplify WDM testing and enable even first time users to identify, document and resolve the cause of WDM network issues or outages.

    • Loss Test Kits

      AFL provides loss testing capabilities for all budgets. Simple power meters and light sources offer reliable loss measurements. Advanced kits add functionality including in-unit storage of test results and TRM reporting software which enables technicians to organize test data, apply test rules for pass/fail analysis and build custom test reports using industry accepted templates.

    • Inspection and Cleaning

      Connector integrity is crucial to reliable network performance. Solutions available range from standalone inspection scopes, to probe options with direct connection to AFL T&I OTDRs and PCs, or even wirelessly connect to your own iOS and Android devices. Successful inspection of fiber connectors is dependant upon cleaning with fiber optic-grade cleaners. Our world-renowned One-Click Cleaner line of products and other cleaning packages are available to take care of all your fiber optic cleaning needs.

    • Fiber Identifiers and Fault Locators

      Connector integrity is crucial to reliable network performance. Solutions available range from standalone inspection scopes, to probe options with direct connection to AFL T&I OTDRs and PCs, or even wirelessly connect to your own iOS and Android devices. Successful inspection of fiber connectors is dependant upon cleaning with fiber optic-grade cleaners. Our world-renowned One-Click Cleaner line of products and other cleaning packages are available to take care of all your fiber optic cleaning needs.

    • Calibration & Repair Service

      OTDRs, optical loss testers and other test equipment perform best when regular maintenance and periodic calibrations are performed.

      The Fujikura Asia Limited Calibration Center (FCC) is an approved AFL Test & Inspection Division Authorized Service Center. We can provide Calibration, Repair and Technical Support for AFL T&I products. Our engineers are factory trained by AFL Test & Inspection and stringently follow calibration/repair procedures to keep your equipment in top condition.

      The FCC is equipped with the latest test equipment and to major industry recognised standards.
      We support Calibration, Repair and all Warranty repairs on AFL NOYES equipment.

    • Calibration & Warranty

      Calibration: Calibration intervals vary by product. Because of the overall durability of NOYES products, AFL recently increased the recommended calibration interval on Optical Power Meters (OPM), Optical Light Sources (OLS) and Fiber Identifiers (OFI) from one year to three years.

      Warranties: All NOYES test equipment products are warranted against defective material and workmanship. Like calibration intervals, warranties vary by product. AFL recently increased the warranty period on Optical Power Meters (OPM), Optical Light Sources (OLS) and Fiber Identifiers (OFI) to five years, at least two years greater than industry standards on these products.

    • Prepaid Calibration and Calibration Plus Plans

      Pre-paid calibration plans for Test & Inspection products are available. Pre-paid plans allow customers to factor two annual calibrations into initial purchase order ensuring they will have a calibrated tool for three years without the hassle of seeking internal purchase approval for necessary future calibrations. Annual calibrations performed at AFL calibration facilities ensure that you are getting the most out of your test equipment and that your equipment is operating at AFL specifications.

    • Download Brochure: AFL Test & Inspection Buyer's Guide (updated 15th Apr, 2015) [pdf]

  • Automotive Component

      Flat Wiring Materials Application Product

        Fujikura is able to meet customer's needs such as reducing size and weight or modularization by applying our core technologies, flat wiring materials (flexible printed circuit, etc.) to automotive. We also provide electronic modules with PCB, pressure sensor module, etc.

        Flat Wiring Materials Application Product

      Metal Core Ceramic Substrate


        Metal core ceramic substrate "Fujimetax" is the ceramic circuit board based on Fujikura developed steel core material with very stable mechanical and thermal characteristics. Alkali free crystallized glass coating over the steel core enables an extremely high temperature sintering process which resulted in cost effective thick protective coating for printed circuits. "Fujimetax" is suited for various usages which require a high thermal strength.


        • High thermostability(850°C)
        • High mechanical strength
        • Mechanical components and the electrical circuit can be united.
        • Field effect of the metal core can contribute to noise reduction.


        Metal Core Ceramic Substrate

        Example: (3 step registor with fuse for manual controlled air condition system)

        Metal Core Ceramic Substrate


        The Fujikura ILLUMIARRAY uses one LED to create a high intensity light pattern design.(patent pending) Achieved a far higher cost performance than ever before.


        This Technology uses a single light source to create a Line-type like Illumination array.

        • High Brightness (using High efficiency reflecting surfaces)
        • High Quality (Less irregularity in Brightness)
        • High Chroma (same color as the light source)
        • Highly controllable (control the brightness of each reflecting surface)

        Product example:Product Example

  • Wire Harness (Auto)
  • Thermal

      • Heat Pipe/ Heat Pipe Assembly
        • Heat pipe is a heat transfer device which uses the latent heat of evaporation and condensation to achieve high thermal conductance with a small temperature difference. Fujikura can provide cooling modules consisted of heat spreaders, heat sinks and fans.


          Heat Sink

          Fujikura has developed a high performance heat sink through aluminum extrusion molding and snap-fin technologies, which realizes fins with high aspect ratios (thickness of the fins is extremely smaller than the height). This type of heat sink is used in many kinds of cooling modules for PC and server CPUs, as well as telecommunication equipment. It can also be integrated with heat pipes and rotary fans.

  • Sensor
  • Electrical Component
  • Connectors




  • Magnet Wires

      Magnet Wires


        Magnet wires are materials that constitute major components of a variety of devices such as electrical, communications and electronic devices. They are used in making coils for a very wide range of applications, from extra fine wire coils in electronic devices and moving coils in microminiaturized instruments to coils in large-capacity transformers in electric power supply grids and field coils in large-scale A.C. turbine generators.
        These magnet wires are manufactured and sold by Unimac Ltd. (Magnet Wire Business Division).

        Overview of Unimac Ltd.(**Japanese only)

        Unimac Ltd. was established by Fujikura Ltd. and Showa Densen Denran SWCC Showa Ltd. (now, SWCC Showa Holdings Co.,) in February 2001 as a joint venture company for magnet wire business. The company makes it its mission to play a role in enhancing social infrastructure in areas of various kinds of electric equipment, such as heavy electric machinery, home appliances and automobiles. The company is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility by providing high-quality products and services to satisfy customer needs and by developing its business further.

        Enameled winding wires
        Polyimide enameled wires
        Polyamidimide enameled wires
        Polyesterimide enameled wires
        Polyester enameled wires
        Formal enameled wires
        Polyurethane enameled wires
        Epoxy enameled wires
        Heat-resistant enameled wires
        Solderable enameled wires
        Fusing-type enameled wires
        Self-Lubricated enameled wires
        Other types of enameled wires
        Fiber/Paper covered wires
        Paper covered wires, heat-resistant paper covered wires
        Polyamide paper covered wires (Nomex paper covered)
        Polyester tape covered wires
        Polyimide tape covered wires
        Mica type covered wires
        Multi-Transposed wires
        Double paper covered wires
        Glass fiber covered wires
        Other types of fiber/paper covered wires
        Inorganic material (ceramics) coated wires
        Litz wires
        Lead wires

        For additional information about winding wires, please contact:

        Unimac Ltd.
        Tokyo Office
        Daimei Fujikura Bldg., 4th Fl.
        2-11-20, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
        Phone: 03 (5435) 5171
        Fax: 03 (3490) 7803
        Nishi-Nippon Office
        Mitsuiseimei Fushimi Bldg., 6th Fl.
        1-13-26, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0003
        Phone: 052 (219) 8160
        Fax: 052 (201) 9556



  • Industrial Cable
      Industrial Cable

      CV Cables

        CV cables are commonly used as power cables with XLPE insulator and PVC sheath. They are used in a variety of applications including power transmission, power distribution and wiring systems.

      Control Cable

      Cabtire Cable

        The name "cabtire cable" was derived from the fact that it must be as tough as car tires. Cabtire cables are used in mobile applications where they must withstand bending stresses and/or mechanical impacts.
        Cabtire cables come in a variety of types depending on how and where they are used.

        • Applied voltages: Control voltage, 600V, 3300V and 6600V
        • Types: Type 1 and Type 2
        • Cross-sectional shape: Round and Flat
        • Mechanical classification: Bend resistance type, Twist resistance type and High tensile strength type

        In addition, we offer various specific types of cables, including cabtire cables within optical fiber for unmanned operation system applications, very large size cabtire cables from our unique manufacturing process, and environment-friendly eco cabtire cables.

      Elevator Cable

        Elevator cables are mainly used in elevator operation control systems.
        Fujikura's flat type PVC elevator cables (FUJIKURA FLAT) are of a thin, flat cross-sectional construction. Unlike round type cables, they can be laid with a relatively small U-shaped suspension radius, and are hence suitable for use in places where space savings are required. They are also capable of providing a large U-shaped bending ratio (bending radius/cable diameter), thus offering excellent bending fatigue life.

      Shipboard Cable

        Shipboard cables manufactured by Fujikura comply with the requirements of the Register of Shipping of respective countries, such as NK, LR, DNV, and also meet the requirements set forth by international standards including JIS and IEC, as well as clients' specific requests.
        Fujikura has been successful in manufacturing vessels cables in accordance with the National Defense Standards of Japan.

        Cables to be installed inside ocean-going freight and passenger vessels and in various offshore structures

  • Eco Cable

      Eco Cable

        Fujikura's eco wires and cables are manufactured with unique new eco materials produced using its sophisticated eco-technology. They differ from conventional eco wires and cables in their use of lighter specific gravity sheath (approx. 1.1), and so can be distinguished from polyvinyl chloride sheath which has a specific gravity of approx. 1.4. They also provide clearer coloring, weather resistance and flexibility equal to or even better than polyvinyl chloride.

        Eco Cable


        • manufactured using environment-friendly materials
        • easy to recycle
        • disaster-proof to provide safety

        Fujikura supplies environment-friendly and easy-to-recycle eco wires and cables.

        Easy to recycle
        Because sheath of lighter specific gravity (1.1) is used, separation from wires or cables with polyvinyl chloride sheath based on specific gravity is now possible. This facilitates material and thermal recycling processes.

        Environment-friendly and disaster-proof to provide safety
        2-1 No hazardous gases are generated
        The products are halogen-free and so generate no toxic halogen-containing gases when burnt.
        There are also no constituents that could generate dioxins.
        2-2 Low smoke emission rates
        The amount of smoke emitted upon combustion is less than half that of polyvinyl chloride sheath. This helps prevent secondary disasters due to exposure to smoke.
        2-3 No corrosive gases generated
        The products are halogen-free and so generate no corrosive gases.
        2-4 Contains no heavy metals such as lead
        2-5 Excellent flame retardation capability
        Fujikura's eco wires and cables have flame retardation rated to pass the 60 degree flame test of JIS C 3005.
        Eco wires and cables rated to pass the vertical-tray flame test of JIS C 3521 are also available.

        Excellent weather resistance
        The weather resistance required by light-colored materials has been greatly improved.
        UV test results of yellow-colored test pieces are shown in Fig. 10. After 200 hours of accelerated test (equivalent to outdoor exposure for 10 years), the eco materials showed almost no deterioration of characteristics.
        Color degradation was minimal.

        Greater current rating than conventional polyvinyl chloride insulated wires or cables
        Because the heatproof temperature of the insulation is higher with the eco materials (75°C) than with polyvinyl chloride (60°C), eco wires or cables have a greater current rating. (*) The rate of deformation of flame retardant polyethylene in a temperature region below the allowable level of 75°C is better than that of polyvinyl chloride. However, the rate of deformation increases above 90°C. For applications in such a temperature region, wire sizes must be carefully selected taking into consideration such factors as ambient temperatures or current reduction ratio in multiple wire installations (refer to JCS 131B published by Japanese Electric Wire & Cable Makers' Association).

        Excellent flexibility
        Eco materials have as good flexibility as polyvinyl chloride

        Vivid colors
        Eco materials can be colored as vividly as polyvinyl chloride.

  • OHTL
      OHTL & Power Cable

      Overhead Transmission Lines

        Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced and Optical Ground Wires (OPGW)

        To provide electrical energy from remote locations stably and to improve the reliability of the transmission line, we have manufactured many large-capacity electrical power transmission systems including the overhead transmission line system for ultra high voltage developed by our unique technology, and have received a high evaluation.

        Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)

        Various kinds of highly functional electrical conductor are available including high capacity conductors, especially low refractive conductors and low noise conductors for environmental harmony.

        Optical Ground Wires (OPGW)

        Optical ground wires have two major functions: protecting the transmission wire against lightening strokes and data transmission. They consist of a conductive portion and an optical fiber portion. We produce a wide variety of optical ground wires.

  • Power Cables
      Power Cable

      Power Cables

        Power Cables are the practical means of conveying electrical power to equipments, tools, appliances of all types -both industrial and domestic - that uses electricity.

        For the transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power, the choice normally lies between the use of overhead lines or underground cables.

        Overhead lines are used extensively for the transmission and distribution of electricity in rural areas where environmental or practical consideration do not dictate otherwise. However, in urban areas it is more popular to install insulated cables which are buried underground.

        Types of Power Cables

        • MV XLPE Cables
        • LC PVC / PE / XLPE / EPR Cables (Armoured and Unarmoured)
        • Control Cables
        • Lead Sheathed Cables
        • Bare Conductors
        • Copper Conductors
        • Aluminium Stranded Conductors
        • Aluminium Stranded Steel Reinforced Conductors
        • Aluminium Alloy Stranded Conductors
  • Instrumentation Cables
  • Special Cables

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