Automotive Component

Flat Wiring Materials Application Product

Fujikura is able to meet customer’s needs such as reducing size and weight or modularization by applying our core technologies, flat wiring materials (flexible printed circuit, etc.) to automotive. We also provide electronic modules with PCB, pressure sensor module, etc.

Metal Core Ceramic Substrate


Metal core ceramic substrate “Fujimetax” is the ceramic circuit board based on Fujikura developed steel core material with very stable mechanical and thermal characteristics. Alkali free crystallized glass coating over the steel core enables an extremely high temperature sintering process which resulted in cost effective thick protective coating for printed circuits. “Fujimetax” is suited for various usages which require a high thermal strength.

  • High thermostability(850°C)
  • High mechanical strength
  • Mechanical components and the electrical circuit can be united.
  • Field effect of the metal core can contribute to noise reduction.


(3 step registor with fuse for manual controlled air condition system)


The Fujikura ILLUMIARRAY uses one LED to create a high intensity light pattern design.(patent pending) Achieved a far higher cost performance than ever before.

This Technology uses a single light source to create a Line-type like Illumination array.

  • High Brightness (using High efficiency reflecting surfaces)
  • High Quality (Less irregularity in Brightness)
  • High Chroma (same color as the light source)
  • Highly controllable (control the brightness of each reflecting surface)

Product example:

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