Magnet Wires

Magnet wires are materials that constitute major components of a variety of devices such as electrical, communications and electronic devices. They are used in making coils for a very wide range of applications, from extra fine wire coils in electronic devices and moving coils in microminiaturized instruments to coils in large-capacity transformers in electric power supply grids and field coils in large-scale A.C. turbine generators.
These magnet wires are manufactured and sold by Unimac Ltd. (Magnet Wire Business Division).

Overview of Unimac Ltd.(**Japanese only)

Unimac Ltd. was established by Fujikura Ltd. and Showa Densen Denran SWCC Showa Ltd. (now, SWCC Showa Holdings Co.,) in February 2001 as a joint venture company for magnet wire business. The company makes it its mission to play a role in enhancing social infrastructure in areas of various kinds of electric equipment, such as heavy electric machinery, home appliances and automobiles. The company is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility by providing high-quality products and services to satisfy customer needs and by developing its business further.

Enameled winding wires Polyimide enameled wires
Polyamidimide enameled wires
Polyesterimide enameled wires
Polyester enameled wires
Formal enameled wires
Polyurethane enameled wires
Epoxy enameled wires
Heat-resistant enameled wires
Solderable enameled wires
Fusing-type enameled wires
Self-Lubricated enameled wires
Other types of enameled wires
Fiber/Paper covered wires Paper covered wires, heat-resistant paper covered wires
Polyamide paper covered wires (Nomex paper covered)
Polyester tape covered wires
Polyimide tape covered wires
Mica type covered wires
Multi-Transposed wires
Double paper covered wires
Glass fiber covered wires
Other types of fiber/paper covered wires
Others Inorganic material (ceramics) coated wires
Litz wires
Lead wires

For additional information about winding wires, please contact:

Unimac Ltd.
Tokyo Office Daimei Fujikura Bldg., 4th Fl.
2-11-20, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Phone: 03 (5435) 5171
Fax: 03 (3490) 7803
Nishi-Nippon Office Mitsuiseimei Fushimi Bldg., 6th Fl.
1-13-26, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0003
Phone: 052 (219) 8160
Fax: 052 (201) 9556

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