Industrial Cable

CV Cables

CV cables are commonly used as power cables with XLPE insulator and PVC sheath. They are used in a variety of applications including power transmission, power distribution and wiring systems.

Control Cable

Cabtire Cable

The name “cabtire cable” was derived from the fact that it must be as tough as car tires. Cabtire cables are used in mobile applications where they must withstand bending stresses and/or mechanical impacts.
Cabtire cables come in a variety of types depending on how and where they are used.

  • Applied voltages: Control voltage, 600V, 3300V and 6600V
  • Types: 2PNCT and 3PNCT
  • Cross-sectional shape: Round and Flat
  • Mechanical classification: Bend resistance type, Torsion resistance type and High tensile strength type

In addition, we offer various specific types of cables, including cabtire cables within optical fiber for unmanned operation system applications, very large size cabtire cables from our unique manufacturing process, and environment-friendly eco cabtire cables.

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