Power Cables

Power Cables are the practical means of conveying electrical power to equipments, tools, appliances of all types -both industrial and domestic – that uses electricity.

For the transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power, the choice normally lies between the use of overhead lines or underground cables.

Overhead lines are used extensively for the transmission and distribution of electricity in rural areas where environmental or practical consideration do not dictate otherwise. However, in urban areas it is more popular to install insulated cables which are buried underground.

Types of Power Cables

  • MV XLPE Cables
  • LC PVC / PE / XLPE / EPR Cables (Armoured and Unarmoured)
  • Control Cables
  • Lead Sheathed Cables
  • Bare Conductors
  • Copper Conductors
  • Aluminium Stranded Conductors
  • Aluminium Stranded Steel Reinforced Conductors
  • Aluminium Alloy Stranded Conductors

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