Control Cables (CVV)

Control cables are used in control systems of a variety of plants including power generating stations and substations.

Cable type

Symbol MAX. Operating
Temperature of
Conductor (°C)
Insulation Materials Sheath Materials Application
CVV 60 PVC PVC General use
CEV 75 Polyethylene PVC
CCV 90 Crosslinked
CEE 75 Polyethylene Polyethylene (Black) Chemical resistance
CCE 90 Crosslinked Polyethylene Polyethylene (Black)

Shield types and symbols

Shield Type Symbol Remarks
Annealed copper tape -S Annealed copper tape is wrapped around cores.
Aluminum laminated plastic tape -SLA Applied for grounding through drain wire.
Annealed copper wire braid -SB Shield is formed by braided copper wire.
Annealed copper tape and steel tape -SCF Annealed copper tape and steel tape are wrapped around cores.

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