About Us

Corporate Concept

To conduct business operations in a manner that enhances the social, economic and general well-being of countries in the region; and to concentrate our efforts towards achieving customer satisfaction by providing quality, reliability and timely delivery.

Company profile

Fujikura Ltd., established in 1885 has grown to become one of Japan’s foremost manufacturers and largest producers of electric wire and cable, optical fiber and related products and materials. Fujikura’s extensive product lineup and vast expertise are the result of more than a century in business coupled with vitality and aggressiveness that permeates the entire Company. Always consistently introducing revolutionary technologies and innovative products to respond to diverse customer needs.

Fujikura is committed to enhancing global business development. Therefore, Fujikura Asia Limited was set up in January 1987 to function as a regional headquarters for Southeast Asia. Today, Fujikura Asia Limited offers a growing range of products and services. Main products include optical fibers and optical components, various electronic materials and multi-layer and fine pitch flexible printed circuits, offering steadfast dependability in most field related to wires and cables for the telecommunications, energy and electronics industries. In addition, we also provide services such as calibration, repairs and technical Support for AFL NOYES products to cater to the needs of our customers.

In Fujikura, we will always continue to work towards the advancement of society by “Connecting to the Future” in all aspects of business operations.