Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Fujikura, we firmly believe that names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses and other personal information that can be used to identify individuals must be handled properly. For this purpose, we have established and practice a policy for the collection and handling of personal information.

In addition to strict compliance with the laws, regulations and guidelines set forth by the relevant Ministries of Singapore, we also endeavor to exercise the proper handling of personal information through corporate regulations that establish internal systems and management mechanisms for personal information and provide training and education for our employees.

The basic policy for the proper handling of the personal information is prescribed in our corporate regulations, which are outlined in the following:

Purpose of collection/use

Fujikura Asia Limited is a private corporation that operates businesses in the following three domains. In the course of pursuing the efficient operation of these businesses efficiently, Fujikura may collect and use the personal information that it may deem useful for this purpose.

With the aim of promoting deeper and accurate customer understanding of our company, Fujikura may desire to provide customers with various information on our corporate activities, and, therefore, may use collected personal information for this purpose.

Information provided by Fujikura is not limited to its products and services, but may also include accounting information related to its state of business as well as general information on its activities.

  • Telecommunications Segment – manufacture and sales of optical fiber cables, communication network equipment and related components.
  • Electronics & Auto Segment – manufacture and sale of printed circuit boards, electronic wires, automobile wiring harnesses, micro-heat pipes, etc.
  • Metal Cable & Systems Segment – manufacture and sale of industrial power wires, metallic communication cables and various cable accessories.
Proper handling

The collection and use of personal information by Fujikura extends only as far as its collection and/or use can be considered to reasonably satisfy or relate to the Purposes of collection/use stated above. Within this framework, Fujikura may collect personal information using appropriate and accepted procedures.

Provision of personal information to third parties

Fujikura will not provide the personal information to any third party unless it is prescribed by the law or Fujikura has the approval of the concerned individual.


If an individual requests disclosure, correction, deletion or discontinuation of use of personal information collected and held by Fujikura in accordance with the procedures outlined in the next article, Fujikura will satisfy the request within a reasonable period and scope of action in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Application for disclosure

Requests related to personal information collected by Fujikura in connection with article 4 above and other inquiries related to personal information should be submitted by following the procedure below.

Fujikura may not accept a request or inquiry if it is not submitted in accordance with the specified procedure. Any fees incurred to respond to the request or inquiry such as the mailing costs shall be borne by the person submitting the request or inquiry.

Contact Information

For questions, feedback or additional information about this Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer at the following email address: