Wire Harness (Auto)

The wiring harness for the vehicles, transmitting power and signals to electric equipment, have tendency to increase its size and weight due to the growth of new equipment and electric systems. On the other hand, considering the environments the weight reduction is required for fuel efficiency. Fujikura pursues the next-generation wiring harnesses, applying optical transmission and electronic circuit materials to the wiring technology for automobiles, and provides safe, comfortable and environment-friendly products for vehicles.

Automotive Wire

Low Voltage Cables for Automotives

Wire Type Heat Resistance Class Remarks
AV 80°C Basic type. JIS C 3406-compliant.
AVS 80°C Thinwall insulation. JASO D 611-compliant.
AVSS 80°C Thinwall insulation. Conform to JASO
D 611-compliant.

Wires meet ROHS requirements.

Relay Connector

  • FWP Series Connector
  • FWS Series Connector
  • FWU Series Connector
  • FZN Series Connector
  • FZS Joint Connector
  • 250 Tough Lock Connector
  • Multi-Terminal Connector
  • µISO Relay Connector
  • High Voltage Connector for EV and HEV

Injection Molding Component

  • Other Product
  • Main Fuse Box
  • Joint Box

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