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Optical Fiber

The FutureGuide® series of optical fibers is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Telecommunications & Datacom market, with reduced attenuation to help long distance transmission, bend insensitivity for harsh and/or high-density installations, while meeting and exceeding the relevant ITU standards.

Fujikura PANDA fibers have superior optical properties in polarization-maintainance because of the symmetrical accuracy in cross section and the uniform constitution of stress applying parts. Based on Fujikura’s fiber technology, PANDA fibers have a universal quality with not only low polarization-crosstalk and low attenuation but also the broad suitability for fusion-splice or optical connector.


Wrapping Tube CableTM (WTC) consists of Fujikura’s novel Spider Web RibbonsTM (SWR) which are wrapped by a water blocking tape and non-metallic side strength members embedded in the sheath.

Compared to normal loose tube cable, this full dry structure ribbon cable drastically reduces the cable deployment time by eliminating the process to wipe out jelly and by mass fusion splicing just like conventional ribbon cable.

WTC also has the world’s highest density of optical fiber ribbon cable. and allows effective utilization of existing conduits. Suitable for lashed aerial and duct installation applications.

Fiber counts range from 288 to 3456 for the standard full dry cable, while armoured and Indoor variants are available with 288 to 1728 fibers.


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