One-Click™ Cleaner

The Fujikura One-Click™ Cleaner allows removal of dust particles and oils, from the critical ferrule endface of fiber optic connectors, with one-push mechanical action.

The patented (U.S. Patent No.: 7,212,719 & 8,087,118) design dry-cleans the ferrule endface with a built-in rotating action, automatically using fresh cleaning material, without the need of cleaning alcohol.

The One-Click™ Cleaner also works with connectors through an adapter, with minimal damage risk to the ferrules, and is designed for ease of use.

The One-Click™ cleaning process:

Cleaning connectors through adapters

Cleaning connectors


In addition to the original One-Click™ Cleaners, Fujikura has developed numerous improvements to address specific applications, like enlarged area cleaning and miniaturized short type.

Enlarged Area Type Cleaning Example (UPC Polish)

Mini type usage for cramped space conditions


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Guide cap works with both connectors & adapters
  • Dry-clean ferrule endface
  • Built-in rotating action
  • Always cleans with fresh cleaning material, preventing contamination
  • Cleans ≥500 times
Product code Connector type Extendable Length (Extended) in mm Remarks
SC-CLK-B SC / FC / ST Yes 165 (200) Standard
SC-MINI-CLK-A SC / FC / ST 104 Mini
M250-E-CLK-B SC / FC / ST 193 Enlarged cleaning area
MU/LC-CLK-B MU / LC Yes 173 (208) Standard
DLC-CLK-A Duplex LC 195
φ1.25 mm Multi-connector (ODC™)
Yes 178 (213)
M20-CLK-A φ2.0 mm
Multi-connector (SMPTE 304M, etc.)
Yes 164 (199)
MPO-CLK-D MPO / MTP® Standard

Download Technical Data Sheet: One Click Cleaner (PDF)

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